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Name: Rai.
Fandom: Lamento.

History link: (Since there isn’t really anwhere that explains it properly, I’ve typed it up).

Sisa is an island country where the land is covered by mostly forest. It's the ruins of a lost civilization where nature, demons, and illusions coexist together. It's here that the 'Ribika', a cat-like species, built their original culture at the center naming it Ransen. Ransen is Sisa's largest town made up of the ruins of modern buildings. Fundamentally, the cats survive by primitive means; only in Ransen can you experience the original atmosphere of the different foreign cultures. Therefore, when going to this area, a cats means of living becomes primitive.

The once peaceful Ribika live in fear of the "Void." In the area where the Void arose, the Ribika cannot live, so the only way for them to survive is to avoid the Void itself. There is also an unknown illness that has begun to plague the Ribika known as 'Shikku' where part of the body is marked and eventually vanishes but can also cause death entirely.

Rai was born in Setsura, one of the villages in Sisa He was brought up by very strict parents. With a father who used strong-arm tactics for a child, his attitude was on the border between child discipline and abuse and his mother basically followed whatever his father thought was right. However because of his parents’ attitude towards him, his heart began to gradually break. Bardo was also from Setsura and was best friends with Rai's parents. Although he didn't agree with their treatment with Rai, he couldn't step in an argue the way they thought they should treat their son. Bardo would take Rai out whenever his parents were gone, and teach him swordsmanship - and treated him with alot of love and devotion. Because of this, Rai yearned for the fatherly relationship he got from Bardo.

When Rai went hunting with Bardo for the first time, he found a strange sense of joy to feel the warmth of blood in the dead animals because he never felt any warmth from his own parents. When Bardo saw the insanity in Rai, Bardo began to feel deeply sorry for him , but at the same time, felt envy because, he thought pure insanity for blood was essential to be stronger. After a few months passed, Rai's parents were killed by a clan from a village that was hostile to Setsura, right before Rai's eyes. Bardo found Rai soaked with his mother and father's blood smiling. This was where Rai said "That's just the way of it. They are dead. They will never move anymore." Left an orphan, Bardo took in Rai to live with him. Since Rai's parents' death, the desire for power inside Bardo gradually began growing. He regreted that he could not protect his friends. Finally, he tried to summon a devil to cut a deal to get more strength, to protect Rai. But when it had failed, a cursed bruise was left on Bardo's right hand. Unfortunately, Rai saw the scene of Bardo with the devil. Rai thought Bardo tried to make a contract with the devil for his own desire, and abandoned all that he had. So, Rai came to despise Bardo and ran away from his home.

After leaving, Rai began living as a bounty hunter (carrying two large swords). One day he found himself in a small village where they offer female cats in sacrifice to a monster every year. This was where Rai lost his right eye; in battle with this monster. And then, the cruel desire for blood inside Rai began to grow even more so after he was robbed his right eye. One day, he saw Konoe being attacked by a robber, so he helped and discovered he had an interest in him because of his ability to fight despite his age and appearance. At first, Konoe was irritated with Rai because he is so bossy and treated him with disdain. Konoe thought Rai just wanted his ability of Sanga. (Every cat could be a Touga - a fighter - with training, but Sanga was born to be Sanga with natural talent). Rai was afraid of his actions so he tried to stay away from people; to keep them from danger. Konoe gradually realized this and kissed Rai's lost eye, promising: "I'll kill you if you lost yourself totally...because I'm your Sanga."

Age: 23-25.

Personality: His attitude is calm, but arrogant. As a child he was treated as if he didn't matter, and everything he did mattered even less. Because of that he learned to close himself off, to numb his emotions so that it appeared that he didn't feel anything. It was safer to not feel because it showed that he was unafraid. His father beat him any chance he got and like many abuse victims he refused to be seen as 'weak'. Instead it made him angry and that anger turned into arrogance, but he never allowed himself to lose control.

To himself and to others he is strict. He doesn't approve of people acting recklessly, nor does he appreciate immaturity. He is sharp of tongue and has no problem telling people how he feels or giving his opinion. Konoe acts like a child sometimes and because of that he typically refers to him as 'Stupid Cat'. In fact, that's how he feels about most of the Ribika.

Rai is a warrior through and through. For a very long time he could only depend on himself because many times in his life people proved untrustworthy. He didn't even trust Bardo, the only real father figure he had growing up, because he thought that the older Ribika had betrayed him. But because of Bardo he gained a courage beyond his years and a sense of loyalty that used to be only for himself. Konoe unconsciously changed that and turned Rai into an even stronger man by it. Konoe taught him that he could learn to trust people again, that he could let go of some of his armor and be happy. Albeit slowly, Rai is learning to let people in again.

One misconception with Rai is that he is a 'rapist' because of a bondage scene in the game, when in fact he is the complete opposite. Rai would never force himself upon anyone because even if it is sex, it would mean letting someone else under his skin and that was something he could not risk. However, when he finds himself encountering sex (which is a rare thing) he puts everything into it. Built up passion can be mistaken for rape if you weren't involved in the act personally to witness it.

Another, is that he is 'robotic' or 'emotionless' - that is also false. Rai is actually a very emotional character, as is shown in the game. Again, because of his childhood, Rai keeps to himself when it comes to his emotions. He doesn't like to feel vulnerable and that is why most of his responses are either clipped or harsh. To show kindness, is to show weakness - but that doesn't mean that he doesn't feel. Konoe is the one person that Rai has shown affection to. He will often times, unconsciously, groom the smaller cat. He'll lick his ears or pet his tail in pale attempts to calm the younger male or to provide a sense of comfort. But at the same time, he is very manly and hates it if you point out those emotions. Usually, if one does point them out he will in turn lash out with some sort of insult or stomp out of the discussion.

He's a little self-conscious, and doesn't feel that he's good enough to be loved. His parents didn't show him any when he was a child, so his subconscious took that as him being unworthy of the emotion. He also won't say 'I love you' because he is scared to be a liar. He feels that if he is in no way worthy of being loved, then he has no right to love anyone else. After all, without knowing what it feels like to be loved, how could he possibly show someone else that same kind of love?

Rai is a party pooper in every sense of the word. He doesn't understand jokes, so when people tease him he sometimes gets really huffy. And as soon as he puffs up, the anger once more comes rolling out. Rai's main defense is his anger. However, Konoe is still working his magic and somehow is teaching Rai how to chill out and let things roll off his back. He's teaching him a great many things, and while Rai is stubborn and torn about whether or not he wants to change he's trying because he wants to make Konoe happy.

Thanks to Konoe, again, Rai has realized he has a very territorial side. He still doesn't believe he deserves love or happiness but while Konoe is giving that to him, he doesn't want to lose it. In order to not lose it, he keeps Konoe close and works on changing so that Konoe will have no reason to leave him.

Powers/Abilities: Rai has no supernatural powers but at a young age he was trained in the art of swordsmanship. He can wield a sword as well as any warrior and his hand-to-hand combat skills are just as strong.

He has a mighty sharp tongue as well if you want to call that a weapon. And he has no shame in using it to cut you down.


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